Click the next part (eg.

Work Flow. Please keep in mind some (or many) of these.

Left clicking selects the assembly, Alt left clicking selects the object or parts.

May 12, 2023 · In terms of coloring your model, the Bambu Studio software offers various painting options.

My PLA profiles are enhanced to provide the best quality at fast speeds. Aug 13, 2022 · Obviously, the model you're slicing would have to be properly unwrapped. amarandagasi • 4 mo.

Using Babmu Studio V1.

It makes your printing at hand and at ease. . 2.

This would open up some new interesting use cases. Maybe you could use this feature first.


The original model was 2mm thick so it didn't work well for non-transparent filaments.

Layering transparent and standard filaments. .

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Once done, click on the “Slice” button located on the top hand right of Bambu Studio.
The only other alternative would be if the user has the original model and can export it as a multi part body but this isn't available if you're starting from a model you didn't design.

The Bambu Lab P1P inherits the proven kinematics and motion control system of the Bambu Lab Flagship printer.

Use “Section View” to view a slice of the model.

Bambu Studio supports importing models and assembly from STEP files. . Mar 18, 2023 · If I could go in and layer by layer enforce the color I want, it would help avoid searches like this.

. After a color change i got a layer shift. . print after print. Enter the paint tool inside Bambu Studio. Problem with Bambu Studio Infill Behavior.

These parameters are divided into three categories: printer , filament and process.

Layering transparent and standard filaments. This was the baseline and I'm using the settings the Bambu Lab team come up with for the flush value for each colour.


Bambu Studio is equipped with rich features of support.


Nov 12, 2022 · Currently, Bambu Studio supports add text and quickly specify its color by numeric key #1~9.

Bambu Studio provides versatile colorizing tools to make a colorful model.