This isn't just another 2x small team server.


This is the ultimate QOL Rust experience. And this can be a bit daunting experience for them.

But there arent many zergs or giant clans so its not too harsh to start on.

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The 2x Quad has everything you could ask for on a Rust server. . Starts wiping in about 20 minutes.

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gather. Rank NR Player count 0/150.

Promotional trailer for LucidGaming 2x - a perfectly modded Vanilla+ server on Rust! ★ LucidGaming 2x | Solo/Duo/Trio | Vanilla+ | Lightly Modded | Monthly Wipes. 128.

Join the server before wipe so as not to late from the wipe hype: "client.
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[EU/UK] Better Vanilla Just 2X [ JUST WIPED 29/12 | Solo/Duo.

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SERVER INFO/MODS - 2 Week Wipes/Biweekly Wipe Cycle - Monthly BP wipes - 2x Gather Rate 1. . 05 05/21 Join: "client.

In the middle is a convoy truck with a special crate on it with. connect 64. . Rust was first released in early access in December 2013 and. 199.


rate dispenser * 5. connect 95.

2x PVP Modded: 4.




248:34017 (Query Port) Status online Distance 7893 km Country Uptime.