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If you notice that your subwoofer is humming constantly, then it may require a bit more troubleshooting to find the cause.

If hum disappears, reinsert the plugs, proceed to next step. However, to break your speakers in well, you’ll want to play something with a large dynamic range, something with solid deep bass, as well as something with a strong high end.

When I turn my subwoofer up (using the knob), I hear a loud rattle.


Use the other side of the speaker wire and hold it directly. I'd recommend lowering it back down to -3dB and turn the subs gain dial up to compensate. com.

It supports all.

Remove the outside screws on the back of the subwoofer amp and pull the amplifier out of the subwoofer enclosure. If you only rely on the LFE connection only the subwoofer is not loud enough. I did not open the box / enclosure up or anything.

Here is my setup (2. .

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I'd recommend lowering it back down to -3dB and turn the subs gain dial up to compensate.

The Polk Signature Elite Series is the best. .

loud "rumbling" sound, then does not work with amp (Yamaha RXV667) connected with a monstercable designed for subs. In Stock.

I found nothing.
Thanks to the WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit, convenient bass enhancement of music, home theater and whole-house audio systems is now possible.
It beats every other brand in bass (even the Bose brand - I tested in bose showroom).



Dec 22, 2016 · Dec 22, 2016. One day I was playing music at some loud volumes and it just shut off out of the blue and now I can’t get anymore sound from the speaker or sub. Start playing a subwoofer test song, when the song's volume is low, it's all good.

While a home theater speaker set up is a bit difficult to set up and get right at first it’s well worth it. Check that the subwoofer is associated with the proper audio input selections. Dec 22, 2016 · Dec 22, 2016. #1. . You will want to play the music loud.

Hold the other end of that wire to the negative terminal on the battery.

. Service may be required.


If the subwoofer still doesn't power on, try plugging it into a different outlet that you know works properly.



Typically, though, phase is left at.