That reverse merger resulted in MMAT having 295M shares.

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Yes, I know, short squeeze has become a cringeworthy term in many investing circles, synonymous with names like Gamestop and AMC, but hold your judgement for two minutes.

“FINRA halted trading in MMTLP on Friday, December 9, because securities transactions typically must settle within two business days in accordance with SEC rules.

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. MMTLP S1 As we approach the end of this saga 10 KEY Questions are asked that you need to know including: shorts and when they must cover by, squeeze potential and the risks.


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https://www. However, a visit to FINRA’s list of daily deletions shows no mention of.

RT @rcklobstah: #MMTLP THIS IS MADOFF PART TWO ONLY SO MUCH BIGGER! Administrators @FINRA openly committed FRAUD TO PREVENT THE BIGGEST SQUEEZE IN HISTORY!! Just to save their golf buddies!! #ReleaseTheBlueSheets. youtube.

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FINRA responds to MMTLP investors.

FINRA has finally addressed the MMTLP trading halt.

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I have been taking in as much information as I can but I’m hoping the community can explain something for me.

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cannot speak on MMTLP because of legal issues, correct me if I’m wrong Mr.

Nov 7, 2022 · A frequent mention on the sub reddit r/Shortsqueeze as an upcoming gamma squeeze, MMAT is already a central focus for MMTLP shareholders who have vowed to move all their profits into the stock once the Next Bridge Hydrocarbons Spin-Off plays out.

22 May 2023 10:37:00.

Now a fourth potential squeeze has presented itself: MMTLP.

22 May 2023 10:37:00.