Pelear is a regular -ar verb, so it has a regular conjugation, like other -ar verbs such as buscar, tratar and ayudar. Sample translated sentence: He wants to pick a fight with some of the new mounts.


No voy a ponerme a pelear contigo, no vale la pena.

. The number of job postings aimed at Spanish-English bilinguals more than doubled between 2010 and 2015. In 1936 Madrid, an idealistic doctor's life changes forever when he shelters a wounded spy and joins a decades-long fight against the spread of fascism.


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(physical, verbal) pelea f (over por) to have a fight with sb pelearse con algn ⧫ tener una pelea con algn. Nota de Prensa.

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August 5: Management of pastures, pastures, and housing facilities.
traducir fight: pelear, luchar, luchar, discutir, pelea, lucha, pelear, luchar, combatir, pelear, pelear, luchar.

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. El saco de boxeo / costal – punching bag. . . After doctor Guillermo García Medina does a favor for his neighbor Amparo, an attraction begins to bloom despite their differences. fight for [sth] vi + prep.

I have been in politics long enough to know that you fight and you fight.

Do you want to fight? Get out of the car, chicken!¿Quiere pelear? Salga del auto, gallina! 2. The Real Madrid player has become the flag of the fight against racism and has.


Dec 10, 2021 · HOW TO FIGHT in SPANISH: Say this when you’re Angry (& Deescalating Fights)! Me encantaría que nunca tuvieras que pelear, ni con tus amigos ni con tu pareja, con nadie.

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