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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science. I would take a look at the curriculum charts for BS and BA and you'll see the difference.


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Computer Science BS. . pdf.


programs in Computer Science and Engineering. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers M. A.

Most schools offer more BA degrees than BS degrees because BA degrees cover a wider range of topics. gives students more exposure to liberal arts subjects while B.

A is satisfied by completing one of the following courses.


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Major or Minor. The major difference between a BA and a BS in Computer Science is that a BA has an incorporated minor, whereas a BS does not, meaning that you have to.

-- such as the methods elective -- can be taken for B.

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Mar 30, 2021 · Although there is some overlap, BS degrees tend to focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math), while BA degrees focus on humanities, social sciences, or business.

S. BA/BS degrees are not the same degrees. Major or Minor.

The CSE department enjoys a close relationship with the Electrical and Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics departments. We explain different majors you can get for each degree. E 107. . Computer Science B.


BA in Computer Science is often a good option for those who want. pdf.

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Computer science majors may experience a strong return on investment.

CSE 115A.

) program at UC Santa Cruz is designed to give students a solid grounding in both theoretical and practical topics in computer science, computer engineering, and mathematics while leaving flexibility for a broad program of study, including some courses outside of science and engineering, or even for a double major in another.

grads have become lawyers and businesswomen.